Monday, October 22, 2012

tangkoko and minahasa highland birdswatching tour

watching sulawesi birds with guidejotje lala
sulawesi tangkoko nature reserve and  mihasahighland ,mahawu volcano birdwatching

watching purple swamphen bird in tondano lake

guide jotje guided agroup from taiwan 20 ,21,22,23 0ctober 2012.
day o1 and day 02 intakoko nature reserve.
_ black nape fruit doves
-black dronggo
-green back king fisher
-barred dove
-black nape oriole
-green pigeon
-sulawesi red back thrust
-lilac kingfishers
-dwarst king fisher

-horn bill
-bookbook bird[owl]

and black monkey and small carnivor mongkey tarcius spectrum.
day 03 22 october 2012 tangkoko -minahasa highland
we have seen pooppo heron in this rice field

sulawesi egle in tondano lake

purple swamhen bird you can see in the lake tondano.
onthe road beet ween air madi and tondano we have seen one green back king fisher. and upon arive in tondano lake we have welcome by several eagles in the lake and before lunch wee walked around the and sundenly come purple swamphen bird,after lunch we went linow lake we have seen scaly king fisher.
day 04 23 october 2012 birding in mahawu volcano onthe trekk we ve seen alots of flower cacher green pigeon,blue fly catcher,barred doves,and upon  we arived on the top we have wel come by 6 young egles and trekk down vi akakasen aroup of doves,sulawesi rested dronggo ,black sun bird  we have seen
day 04 irganize them tey tour to toraja with l 300 car from makasar-pare and torajaland.
and before airport another birding tour in kayawu and we have seen pooppoo heron and 7 scaly kingfisher birds.
thang for visit sulawesi and do not for to recoment my tour to oher people
regard forom guide jotje lala
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